January 2023 updates

I've been struggling to figure out the best way to use this News feature - I send weekly-plus updates to all of my Patreon subscribers, and upcoming shows to my mailing list.  I think right now the best updates I can share with you are big-picture things about upcoming releases and projects.

Currently I'm involved in a lot of other people's records, I just recorded an album with Michel Delage's Music To Do The Dishes to which should be really fun and interesting when it comes out, hopefully sometime this year.  I also have recorded a set of music with Vinay Bhide, which is in the editing phase.  The album of two piano music with Peter Hum is just out of the editing phase and into the mixing stage, that one should move quickly now and be out soon.  F8-Bit has some great plans for this year, including releasing some old tracks and playing more.  I'm hoping to host a page about that band here sometime soon.  There's even talk of recording a Christmas album for next year, but that's really a ways off, that's just how you have to do these things.

This February has some fun shows coming up, Remi Royale's Valentine's Day show at House of Targ, a DOMS noon hour concert in duo with Dave Renaud, and a quartet gig with Garry Elliott at Gigspace.  I hope to see you out there soon.

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