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Steve Boudreau

Cherished Possessions (2022)

After completing a five-volume solo piano recording project from home in 2020, Steve Boudreau's next step was to go back into the studio and record in his format of choice – the piano trio. This is his first trio album featuring primarily original music.

In October 2021, Adrian Vedady and Jim Doxas came in and played all of the pieces in a single afternoon, leading to fresh performances that bring a similar spontaneous energy to what you might hear at a live show.

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"Boudreau is an Ottawa-based pianist and Cherished Possessions is a stunning piano trio album with Adrian Vedady (bass) and Jim Doxas (drums). The ten songs on this record were all performed live in a single afternoon and the energy and chemistry is palpable throughout. It’s an album that I leave on repeat for hours at a time.   Boudreau’s eight original compositions are thoughtful and spirited, and he has chosen two intriguing covers to complement his own work – Wayne Shorter’s Go and Isobel by Bjork.   Boudreau’s playing is warm and his phrasing is smooth. Vedady and Doxas pulse like one finely-tuned engine. Every song is a highlight and the album deserves to be listened to in its entirety, with good headphones." -David Reed (Belleville Intelligencer) full review here

"The title track is imbued with contemporary lyricism, expressed in Boudreau's exquisite piano sound, attack and ideas.  Doxas and Vedady are nothing short of luminous - engaging with each other and Boudreau on a psychic and spiritual level... This project is one of the finest trio jazz recordings that I have been privileged to experience in many a moon." -Lesley Mitchell-Clarke (WholeNote Magazine Vol27 No7) full review here

"There’s an easy-going charm to Boudreau’s songs and playing, and with Vedady and Doxas in elegant and engaged support, you can’t go wrong." -Stuart Kremsky (Mr. Stu's Record Room) full review here

"Leading a Canadian piano trio, Boudreau shows a proper command of the keys with just the right touch." (Midwest Record Entertainment) full review here

"Musicians from Toronto and Vancouver are beginning to get some traction south of the 49th parallel and the Montréal scene is a treasure waiting to be discovered, but don’t sleep on Ottawa. The nation’s capital is home not only to a great jazz festival, but also to a homegrown scene of interesting players. Steve Boudreau is one of them." -John Chacona ( full review here

"From the first notes, two elements stand out: the clear sound and a close interplay. Both the own compositions and the two arrangements... are mainly bathed in a poetic sound atmosphere." -Georges Tonla Briquet ( translated from full review here

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Video from CD Release Concert May 2022