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New album and March review 

You can stream my new album "Cherished Possessions" starting tomorrow, April 8 2022 on your music platform of choice.

I had great group classes in March talking about Monk, Chet Baker, Bud Powell, Bach, and Erroll Garner.

I also posted weekly videos explaining more about each track on the album in a way I couldn't do in a concert setting.

To catch up on this content check out my patreon page -

I also played gigs with Martine Courage at Queen St Fare, F8-Bit at Minotaure, and…

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February Review 

This past month saw a bunch of music getting going again - I had a livestream show with Garry Elliott playing Bill Evans compositions, and took part in the first performance this year at the National Arts Centre's 4th Stage with Kellylee Evans, the day after the downtown area was declared safe for business to resume.

On my Patreon I also uploaded a version of Oscar Peterson's "Place St Henri", and the Canadian Sunset trio performing "Moanin'" from a concert last year.  We talked about the tune Moanin' in…

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January Review 

In an effort to keep my website up-to-date I've decided to do a monthly recap of what I've been up to.  Hopefully this can become part of my routine, as posting on Patreon has.

My online group classes were well attended during our lockdown month - Jan 1 we listened to some new music from 2021, and the other weeks more traditional classes resumed. I looked at the song "True Love" by Cole Porter, two Sammy Davis Jr. recordings, Ray Brown's recording of "Sweet Georgia Brown" and two interesting interpretations…

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2021 Year-in-Review 

Thanks so much for your various types of support this year.  In January 2021 I started my free online zoom group classes.  In February I started a Patreon page to catalog these classes, as well as post weekly performances and more.  I'm hoping to grow both of these online activities alongside resuming a small teaching studio, and selective performances.  You can currently access 145 posts from 2021, most of which include a video.

Things are still up in the air for 2022, January performances have generally…

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New Video with Vinay Bhide 

Hello everyone,

I've made a note to share all of my public posts here more frequently - I've been really good at updating and posting on my Patreon page three times a week if you are desperate for more Steve Boudreau content.

I recently have been playing some music with one of my favourite musicians in Ottawa, singer Vinay Bhide, and we recorded a few of our sessions in September.

You can see our version of Bhairavi on YouTube by clicking here.

Canadian Sunset Trio is slated to play at Irene's Pub with…

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Jazz Festival Shows announced 


I recently made a post over on my Patreon page letting everyone know about my upcoming shows with the Ottawa Jazz Festival, which is in large part local talent this year, which is very exciting to me. 

The post is public for all to see and will give you an idea of what Patreon is like have a look:
There are a few other posts I recently made public so you can get more of an idea of what my posts look like.

I also have added all of the shows to my online events

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Patreon updates and more 


This week I posted the entire video of the Distanced Duo show with Jennie Seaborn on my Patreon page if you are interested.  I also have settled into a nice routine with my weekly Monday afternoon sessions on Facebook live and of course my Saturday morning classes.  This week I'm looking at a few of my favourite jazz tunes from recent years, by Brian Blade and the Fellowship Band.

Hope to see you online somewhere soon, and in person not long after.


Show Thursday June 10 and Group Class Reminder 

Just a reminder that tonight (Thursday June 10) at 7:30PM I will be hosting a live show/presentation on my Zoom with drummer Jennie Seaborn.  Similar to the previous duo concert with Scott Latham I will eventually post a recording here for my patrons afterwards.  Here is the link to the event on facebook or you can go to my zoom room directly. 

This Saturday for my 11AM group class I'm going to talk about Ran Blake's ear training for basic harmony and look at one or two of the most…

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New Patreon Page 

I'm excited to announce that I will be making all of my previous online classes and handouts available on my new Patreon page:

For as little as $5/mo you can access a wide array of handouts, exclusive videos, as well as downloadable versions of my albums.  My live classes will always be open to the public on a pay-what-you-can basis, but I encourage those interested in supporting me further to have a look at my Patreon site. 

Become a Patron!

One big benefit of this is that I will have a weekly commitment…

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