Correspondence Lessons (online teaching)

Since attending lessons became difficult or impossible for some in 2020, I have started offering Correspondence lessons online.

In correspondence lessons, the student submits 10-20 minutes of audio or video recordings.  I record a response aiming for 30 minutes, both listening and responding to your submission and giving further suggestions on what to try next.  The cost for a recorded lesson as of April 2021 is $52.50 CDN.

A sample first lesson might look like this:

Record yourself playing any of the following:

  • an exercise in time with a metronome or drum loop
  • 2-3 short pieces
  • improvisation
  • something along with a backing track I've provided

As well as possible supplementary suggestions (written materials, listening homework).

Similar to in-person lessons it isn't about perfection, it's about making an attempt and learning from each situation.

For more information please contact me through my contact page.