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Björk - "Isobel" 

As I mentioned in an earlier post, "Isobel" was the first song I heard by Björk, which started a lifelong appreciation for her music.

While I'd argue the subtlety of the song is in the layers of sounds, the textures and rhythms, there are still some interesting things to note in the harmony and melody. Since I was still in high school when I first figured out the chords to this song, it was a revelation that the main chord progression was a variant of the Rodgers & Hart staple "My Funny Valentine". Both…Read more

Björk & Analyzing Popular Music 

Bjork is one of my favourites. In high school I saw and heard the completely contrasting videos for "Isobel" and "It's Oh So Quiet" and I think I must have been impressed that someone could do such remarkably different things stylistically and yet still sound like only they could sound. 

At one point I was listening to her record "Vespertine" with another musician/Bjork-fan.  I mentioned how one song was completely in the Lydian mode. His response was that he didn't like to analyze her music because it…Read more