Suggested Supplemental Materials


Real Books - Hal Leonard or Sher fakesbooks are both fine.  The Hal Leonard is standardized across all keys with same page numbers for other instruments, but I like the detailed reference section of the Sher edition books.

Randy Halberstadt - Metaphors for the musician
Readable and more relatable than most jazz theory books out there.
His order of decreasing importance in improvising: Good time, Good tone, Good ideas, and then a level down, "right" notes. (p.19)

Raga Guide: 74 Hindustani Ragas
Comprehensive look at a massive amount of 'modes' for improvising from the rich history of Indian music.

Ran Blake - Primacy of the Ear
Learning music by ear as an academic pursuit.  Reminds me why I first loved playing music.
Includes open style exercises like "Evaluate [your playing]... for risk-taking, relaxation, general professional skill level, rhythm, sound, and timbre." (p.38)


Spotify - As of this writing the best interface to browse and organize music despite not having absolutely everything.
Click here for more on my Spotift playlists.

Drum Genius - More fun than a metronome and helps develop deeper rhythmic playing.


Staff Paper

I also love the bound books of blank staff paper by Passantino.

Practice Log/Journal for  you to take notes on things you want to work on and/or track what you actually are working on.

Song Exploder Podcast
This podcast keeps me engaged in all kinds of new music and shows the variety of composing approaches out there.

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