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Welcome to my online journal!

This has been a long time in the works, I have been collecting ideas for years that inspire me, and I thought writing short posts online would be a great way to work through them and share them.

Alongside any musical stuff I'm working on I also have little stories and ideas about creativity and working full time as an artist that seem to keep coming up in conversation. I'm going to try to mix it up so there's something for everyone, not just those specifically into jazz and pop music.

Since it will take a while to get a bunch of content happening, this is a great post to mention three places I read online, and why I was inspired to get my own writing out there.

Bruce Brubaker's PianoMorphosis

In 2008 I thought I was signing up for a course looking at the history of classical piano music.  I ended up instead having my mind blown weekly as each era or composer really drew my attention to a pressing issue for the modern musician.  His short thought-provoking posts about music and life are the highlight of my internet news feed.

Grantland network: Bill Simmons

Bill Simmons is a writer who started an extremely comprehensive site with articles on sports and pop culture. His articles and podcasts cover everything from Boston sports teams to the changing cast of SNL in a way I find insightful. One anecdote that stuck with me is about how he was watching a TV show with his wife and getting so caught up that he went ahead and wached some without her and then had decide whether he should tell her or try to react to the scenes the way he initially did as if he hadn't seen it.  It was a debate with no solution.

Peter Hum's Jazz Blog

Peter Hum has kept me in touch with the jazz world and more importantly my home town of Ottawa's music scene while I've been out of town for extended stretches these past 5 years.  Plus whenever I'm at an Ottawa jazz jam session and I hear a sound that I've never heard before from the piano, it's usually him.

I read everything these three write. I hope to contribute meaningful material the way I feel they have.

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