Full speed ahead

The other day I was at a diner and the busboy came along cleaning the countertops as quickly as he could, knocking over a closed container of salsa. He chuckled to himself, picking it up and wiping even faster to make up for lost time. One hand knocked over another bottle while the other knocked the salt shaker over, spilling salt everywhere. This time he looked sheepish as he reset everything quickly, having a final pass of the washcloth and leaving the area to dry, but clearly still covered with salt, arguably dirtier than it was before.

This made me think of how I used to practice piano. I would play a piece super fast and if I made a mistake I'd back up a few notes, fix it once and move on. Needless to say the problems didn't get fixed. But I felt super productive, practicing all this music in such little time!

Getting Started by Richard Condie, National Film Board of Canada

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