Announcing Group Classes

As of January 2021 I have started a weekly group class for my teaching studio, every Saturday morning at 11AM over Zoom.  

You can come join in by simply joining my Zoom room at 11AM this coming Saturday.

Students who study with me privately will have access to recordings of the older classes, but I am hoping to share some of my handouts online for everyone to see as well.  

In the trial class on January 16, we briefly talked about Bb blues in jazz, especially in Monk's music.  Here is a handout I made of some basic variants.

Bb Blues Variants

As a way to feel out the interactive elements of the group class, I went around the room and had everyone recommend something they had been listening to recently.  Here is a list of what people said:

Here is a short list of what people recommended when we went around the room: 

  • Jason Moran - The Sand Will Tell You 
  • Micah Thomas - Tide 
  • Don Fagen - Night Fly 
  • Eva Cassidy Blues Alley (live concert) 
  • Ahmad Jamal Poinciana 
  • Chet Baker 
  • Jazzmeia Horn (Moanin' at the Grammys) 
  • Hiromi 
  • Beegie Adair 
  • Anomalie 
  • The Supremes/Marvin Gaye/James Jamerson Standing in the Shadows of Motown 
  • Cyndi Lauper - Down Don't Bother Me (harmonica soloing) 
  • Sun Ra Arkestra & John Gilmore 
  • Willie Nelson 
  • Spain by Chick Corea 

I recommended Frank Kimbrough's Monk's Dreams collection.  Frank had recently passed away, and was a huge inspiration to me, I had just a few lessons and conversations with him but listen to him play many times.

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