Untitled's Blues

I can't count the number of tunes I have played called "Untitled".  Or a variation depending on what music notation software calls a piece with the title left blank.  I personally struggled when setting an untitled poem to music with what to call it.  In the end I used words from the poem that seemed appropriate.

Jazz tunes can be short- a blues head can be 12 bars long and provide enough material for extended improvisations.  One common titling tradition is naming tunes after colleagues and friends, like Mr. P.C., G.W., or Pannonica.  I often get young students to write a simple blues head and give them a chance to name it before inevitably calling it ____'s blues.  I haven't written Steve's Blues yet, though.  I also often wonder if tunes with the composer's own name built into the title weren't in fact named by someone else when they left it untitled. 


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